Or Give Me Death presents an exclusive (non-fiction​) investigation into an infamous comic book ad promising square-inch ranches in Texas. Find out how a struggling West Texas Record label's ambitious plan for raising funds led to this classic piece of pop culture. 


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Special Feature


by Hiro Kawabunga


by Don M. Patterson

The town of Sierra Blanca is caught between cartel violence and Soviet subversion with only a Texas Ranger, the Sheriff, and a CIA burnout to protect it.

Sierra Blanca is a genre twisting, pulpy novella that blends classic spy novel and Western themes. The Cold War and the Drug War collide in the distant town of Sierra Blanca. 

The thrilling novella was named a 
Top 5 Texas Crime Novel for 2017 and is available now in paperback and Kindle.

Don M. Patterson's debut graphic novel is a yacht noir thriller set against the seedy underbelly of the international fancy fish trade. Follow the disappearance of disgraced fancy-fish breeder, Freddy Reno, and the mysterious Lama Fish in his possession, through a shaggy-dog detective story with a pop-art sensibility. Best enjoyed while listening to the smooth, seaside sounds of the seventies.


Fiction mining and refining since 2005!


by Don M. Patterson

A concise novelette about mind numbing work, relationships, catalytic converters, petty theft, koala bears, madness, and the element rhodium.

Special anniversary reissue out now in paperback and Kindle.